In the last year we have called our doctors heroes, but what is daily life really like?  Discover the truth, hurt, heartbreak, life and death and everything in between through 34 Patients.


A breath-taking and uplifting account of the human experience, from a doctor who dares to look closer at a crowded waiting room, and value each soul and story he encounters.


We ask so much of our doctors.  To heal. To trust. To care. To listen. To tell a man he might be dead tomorrow. To help a man who doesn’t want to live.  To look into a parent’s panicked eyes as their tiny daughter fights for every breath. To watch a 103-year-old woman slip away from a life well-lived.


Through stories of the patients he has helped and lost, and those who have changed him for ever, Dr. Tom Templeton weaves a profound and moving portrait of humanity, asking us to treat all with compassion.


Tom Templeton has worked as a journalist at the Observer.  At age 29 he retrained as a doctor.  Since then, he has worked across eight different medical specialities (paediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry, orthopaedics, A&E, intensive care, general medicine, general practice) and in eight different hospitals across the UK. 


He now works as a GP and this is his first book.


Tom will be In Conversation with journalist, writer and podcaster, Charlie Lee Potter.

Sunday 17th October | 4pm

Players Theatre, Thame, Oxfordshire

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