John Crace | A Farewell to Calm

A Farewell to Calm


Infectiously entertaining political satire from the author of Decline and Fall and I Maybot.


Throughout another year of bluster and bedlam in Westminster, John Crace makes a welcome return to TAL with his brilliantly acerbic political sketches, which once again help to provide the nation with a much-needed injection of humour.


Led by Boris’ pound shop Churchill tribute act and featuring a cast of everyone’s least favourite pantomime villains, from Classic Dom Cummings, to Door Matt Hancock, the end result is a brilliantly entertaining chronicle of another year on these benighted islands.


John Crace is the Guardian’s parliamentary sketch writer and author of Digested Reads.  He is also an avid Spurs supporter.


‘It’s now becoming easier and easier to predict government policy. Just listen to what the prime minister said in the morning and the opposite is likely to be true come the middle of the afternoon.’


NO Book Image available yet. Publication date is 4th November,  however, there will be advanced copies available to Festival attendees during the Festival weekend. 

Sunday 17th October | 2pm

Players Theatre, Thame, Oxfordshire

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