Jacky Colliss Harvey - Walking Pepys's London

Jacky Colliss Harvey

JACKY COLLISS HARVEY worked in museum publishing for many years, and as a writer and commentator on the arts and their relationship to popular culture. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller RED: A History of the Redhead and The Animal’s Companion: People and their Pets. A country mouse by birth, she has been fascinated by London and its multifarious history since first arriving in the city as a student.


An exploration of London as Samuel Pepys would have experienced it himself. With Pepys and his celebrated diary as a guide, Walking Pepys’s London leads the reader from Westminster to Wapping and over the river to Greenwich in a series of five walks, designed to be just as entertaining and informative whether read in one’s armchair, or followed street by street.


Colliss Harvey reveals Pepys’s relationship with London as if the city were as much a character in his life as his wife, family and friends, bringing geography, biography and history into one and drawing fascinating parallels between the experience of living in the seventeenth-century city and those of Londoners living in and walking its streets today.

Friday 15th October | 4:30pm

Players Theatre, Thame, Oxfordshire

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