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Some Festival 21 events will have a live audience. All events (except the two concerts) are available online to live stream. Tickets for Live Events are currently limited. This is to meet Government regulations and ensure Covid-safe practices. If regulations change between now and the Festival starting, we will release more tickets. Thank you for your understanding. 

Festival 21 Events

The festival diary below provides a quick overview of all of the events taking place at TAL

  • Wed 13th
  • Thurs 14th
  • Fri 15th
  • Sat 16th
  • Sun 17th


12:00noon | Simon Heffer | Chips Channing Diaries


4pm | Frances Wilson | D H Lawrence

6pm | Pen Vogler / Kerry Potter | Scoff

7:30pm | Ian Dunt / John Crace | How to be a Liberal

12:30pm | Sally Coulthard | The Barn

2:30pm | Roger Moorhouse / Antonia Senior | First to Fight

6:30pm | Dan Jones | Power and Thrones

8pm | Simon Akam | The Changing of the Guard

10:30am | Andrew Lownie | Edward V111 The Traitor King

12:30pm | Alison Weir / Sarah Gristwood | Dangerous Liaisons: Tudors in Love 

2:30pm | Alan Johnson | The Late Train to Gipsy Hill

4:30pm | Jacky Collis-Harvey | Walking Pepys' London

6:30pm | Kate Kennedy | Dweller in the Shadows : Ivor Gurney

8:30pm | Kerry Potter  Matt Rogan | All To Play for

10:30am | Diego Zancani | How We Fell in Love with Italian Food

12:30pm | Gavin Esler / Tom Templeton | How Britain Ends

2:30pm | Simon Mayo / Will Gompertz | Knife Edge

4:30pm | Adele Parks | Both of You

6:30pm | James Dyke | Fire, Storm and Flood

8pm | Robert McCracken Peck | The Natural History of Edward Lear

8pm | Thame Chamber Choir at TAL Festival | The World is Waking Up

8pm | Tango in Thame | Tango in Thame

10:30am | Neil Ansell / Jude Cook | Circling Sky

12pm | Richard Dawkins / Dallas Campbell | Flights of Fancy

2pm | John Crace | A Farewell to Calm

4pm | Tom Templeton / Charlie Lee Potter | 34 Patients

6pm | Michael Pennington | In my Own Footsteps

8pm | Ed Miliband / Elizabeth Uviebinene / Kerry Potter | Go Big | The Reset 

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