Elizabeth Uviebinené | The Reset

Picture credit: Alise Jane

Multi award winning author and columnist at the Financial Times.  She is the co-author of Stay in Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible, the critically acclaimed bestseller which won the Groucho Maverick Award.  Elizabeth began her career in marketing and is now a brand strategist and has worked with businesses such as Nike and Bumble.  


In 2018 she was listed as one of the most influential people in London 


Elizabeth’s latest book The Reset offers a fundamental rethink of how we work and live.


If we are to really benefit from the radical shift of 2020. We have to rethink how we fit into an ecosystem.  If we rethink how we fit in, everything resets around us – the work culture we exist in, the businesses we work for, the communities we’re a part of, the cities we live in and the society we shape. Full of progressive thinking, The Reset is optimistic, positive and provocative, offering fresh perspectives on the way we live now, and a punchy idea for how we might live in the future.


Elizabeth will be ‘In Conversation’ with Kerry Potter

Sunday 17th October | 8pm

Players Theatre, Thame, Oxfordshire

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