Ed Miliband / Elizabeth Uviebinene / Kerry Potter | Go Big | The Reset

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We close the Festival on an optimistic and positive note for the future. Join Ed Miliband, Shadow Secretary for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and award-winning author and columnist at the Financial Times, Elizabeth Uviebinene, as they put forward their vision for how we might live in the future. The discussion, chaired by Kerry Potter , Associate Features Editor of ES Magazine, promises to be punchy, provocative and thought- provoking.

After all the uncertainties of the last year, there seems to be an overwhelming appetite for change. Ed Miliband has recognised this with his timely book, Go Big. An empowering, uplifting set of practical and transformative solutions for remaking society.

The challenges we face are daunting, but in Go Big Ed Miliband shows that the scale of what is possible is far greater. We seem to be at a rare moment in history when people everywhere see the need for big change. Meanwhile, practical, and proven ways exist for tackling everything from inequality to the climate crisis – if you know where to look and have the courage to think big.


In October 2017, Ed Miliband and his co-host Geoff Lloyd launched the Reasons to be Cheerful podcast to explore the ideas, people and movements solving the biggest challenges facing society, through interviews with smart thinks and inspiring campaigners from around the world. It discovered brilliant people on a global scale, who are successfully fixing problems, transforming communities, and pioneering global movements. It has since had over 12 million downloads across a diverse listenership and was awarded Podcast of the Year by the Broadcasting Press Guild in 2018. Go Big draws on the most imaginative and ambitious of these ideas to provide a vision for how to remake society.


‘Tinkering around the edges will not solve the problems facing Britain. As we emerge from the crisis, we must create a bold new settlement, based on economic security, fairness, and prosperity. This timely and thought- provoking book will make important reading for everyone interested in shaping that future’

Keir Starmer


A hopeful and inspirational book for our depressing times…. a vision of a better, sunnier world in which we would all love to live. Great fun, a great programme and a great read’

Will Hutton, author of The State We’re In


Go Big is enthralling. I had forgotten that such energy and imagination were possible in a book that concerns itself with contemporary problems of politics and public life………..I was left with such an unusual feeling that I didn’t at first realise what it was, and then I remembered: optimism. I hope everyone with the slightest interest in the way the world works will read it, and act on the lines he suggests’

Philip Pullman


Ed is the MP for Doncaster North and was Leader of the Labour Party from 2010 to 2015, and Climate Change Secretary from 2008 to 2010. In April 2020 he returned to the front bench to serve as Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.


Multi award winning author and columnist at the Financial Times. She is the co-author of Stay in Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible, the critically acclaimed bestseller which won the Groucho Maverick Award. Elizabeth began her career in marketing and is now a brand strategist and has worked with businesses such as Nike and Bumble. In 2018 she was listed as one of the most influential people in London. Elizabeth’s latest book The Reset offers a fundamental rethink of how we work and live.

If we are to really benefit from the radical shift of 2020. We have to rethink how we fit into an ecosystem. If we rethink how we fit in, everything resets around us – the work culture we exist in, the businesses we work for, the communities we’re a part of, the cities we live in and the society we shape. Full of progressive thinking, The Reset is optimistic, positive and provocative, offering fresh perspectives on the way we live now, and a punchy idea for how we might live in the future.

Sunday 17th October | 8pm

Players Theatre, Thame, Oxfordshire

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