Alison Weir and Sarah Gristwood - Dangerous Liaisons Love and The Tudors


Two of our finest historians come together to discuss Love and the Tudors, historical fact versus historical fiction. In her latest book, Katherine Parr, the sixth and last of Henry VIII’s wives, Alison Weir shows a woman torn between love and duty. In The Tudors in Love, Sarah Gristwood finds a fresh way of seeing the Tudors by their romances and sheds new light on the genre of courtly love and its real implications.

Antonia Senior at TAL

This discussion will be chaired by the writer, columnist and journalist Antonia Senior. She spent thirteen years working at the Times. Now freelance, she writes columns, features and book reviews for the national press.


Alison Weir  

Katherine Parr The Sixth Wife


This is the final instalment of the series Six Tudor Queens. In it, Alison recounts the story of Henry VIII’s last wife, Katherine Parr the queen who survived him.  She was then thirty, twice married and in love with someone else.   She was also a closet heretic, a secret that could have seen her burn at the stake.  Yet despite the dangerous deceptions, she and Henry forged a relationship, based on love and respect.  


Full of stunning period detail and compelling drama, Katherine emerges as a woman far ahead of her time.  She was fiercely intelligent, courageous, passionate, and inspiring, charting a course through the deadly waters of the Tudor court. 


“This novel will enthral and inspire, just as much as it will break your heart”.  (Tracy Borman)


Alison Weir is the top-selling female historian in the UK and has sold over 3 million books worldwide.  She has published nineteen history books and several historical novels. The Sixth Wife is Alison’s eleventh published novel and the final book in the Six Tudor Queens series about the wives of Henry VIII, which was launched in 2016 to great critical acclaim.  All five previous novels in the series were Sunday Times bestsellers.



Sarah Gristwood

The Tudors in Love: The Courtly Code Behind the Last Medieval Dynasty


Why did Henry VIII marry six times? Why did Anne Boleyn have to die? Why did Elizabeth I’s courtiers hail her as a goddess come to earth? In this ground-breaking history, Sarah Gristwood reveals the way courtly love made and marred the Tudor dynasty. This riveting pacy page-turner dissects the codes of love, desire and power, unveiling romantic obsessions that have shaped the history of this nation.


In this #Me Too era, re-examining the history of the social codes behind modern romance has never been more vital.


Sarah Gristwood is the author of four previous books of fifteenth and sixteenth century history, including the widely translated, Game of Queens.


A former journalist, she contributed to papers such as the Guardian and the Telegraph. She features frequently on radio and television discussing the past and present of Britain’s monarchy.

Friday 15th October | 12:30pm

Players Theatre, Thame, Oxfordshire

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